Grapefruit King sodium hypochlorite disinfectant (NaClO commonly known as bleach ) quality meet the national standard GB19016-2003 A -level standard , grapefruit king / PomeloKing already registered in the State Trademark Bureau , the product by the National Chemical Industry chlor Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Provincial Health Inspection Center repeated testing , the indicators in full compliance with national standards ; and achieved : "safe production license ", " national industrial production license ", " health and safety of drinking water health permits this document ," products meet the " drinking water health Regulatory Measures " regulations ; through IS09001: 2008 quality management system certification, awarded two national safety standardization certificate .


Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant widely used :

Sodium hypochlorite solution (NaC1O) is widely used in drinking water, hospital sewage , urban sewage, industrial wastewater treatment, industrial water recycling, chemical environmental wastewater , aquaculture, textile bleaching , pulp production, poultry slaughter , indoor air , beer manufacturing, food processing , sterilization pool water circulation , appliances , and many other areas of washing , disinfection , algae, mud stripping , bleaching , bleaching, deodorizing , oxidation, corrosion, preservation, anti- mildew , broken cyanide , phenol broken . The use of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant sterilization has the following advantages :


A, rapid and sustained B, safe and nontoxic C, broad spectrum D, low-cost E, PH value is not affected


Sodium hypochlorite sterilization performance:

 Sodium hypochlorite solution can kill all microorganisms, including bacteria, cells spores, fungi , mycobacteria and hepatitis viruses , germs and other infectious diseases . Its bactericidal mechanism of microorganisms are: sodium hypochlorite has a strong adsorption of the cell wall penetration , which can effectively make the cells containing thiol oxidation enzymes , rapid microbial protein synthesis inhibition to destroy microorganisms. This product is the most used and inexpensive domestic enterprises , the best disinfectant products.


Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant range of applications :

1 , living, drinking , water disinfection various occasions ;

2 , restaurant , hotel , home, tableware sterilization environmental sanitation and air disinfection ;

3 , food and beverage plants, industrial fermentation equipment , pipes, containers final sterilization ;

4 , dairies , slaughterhouses pipeline , sterilization processing facilities and the environment ;

5 , sterilization disinfection of hospital sewage treatment ;

6 , sterilization pool, industrial circulating water , bath water disinfection ;

7 , hospitals , public health, clinical instrument disinfection , sterilization, deodorant mildew treatment ;

8 , family, hotels, restaurants, fruits and vegetables , fish and other food preservation and final rinse disinfection ;

9, the configuration of various oral disinfectant, deodorant and wound cleaning fluid , etc. ;

10 , wastewater reuse sterilization and deodorization ;

11 , with a variety of food flour bleaching agent ;

12 , paper, printing and dyeing industry, bleaching agents ;

13 , electroplating wastewater containing cyanide cyanide -breaking treatment, bleaching treatment, industrial cooling water algae sterilization dyeing wastewater treatment ;

14 , is used to kill algae aquaculture sterilization , reduce harmful toxins in water quality, improve the farming environment ;

15 , plants and flowers used to kill mold growing industry , in addition to pests, improve the soil 's pH ingredients conducive to plant growth ;

16 , animals, pet sterilization deodorant place to prevent the epidemic ;


The main purposes: as a bleaching agent and sanitizers , such as bleached cotton fabrics , chemical fiber, paper pulp , oil and starch ; for azo dyes , anthraquinone production plant and electroplating wastewater treatment plant ; using sea water for industrial cooling when water treatment inhibited by sodium hypochlorite sea creature dwelling in the pipe wall attached ; used for food packaging and tableware disinfection and corrosion inhibitors ; used as vegetables, fruits , farm , barn and other disinfectant , deodorant, in addition to using as hydrazine sulfate , hydrazine hydrate, chloropicrin , dual chloramines and other production materials.


Sodium hypochlorite solution is a strong oxidant , has a very pungent odor, instability, caused by prolonged storage easy oxidative decomposition becomes weak, Gu usually stored for 1 year is appropriate.


Risk category: corrosive substances

Pathways: inhalation, ingestion , percutaneous absorption

Health hazards: frequent hand contact with the product of the workers , palms sweating, nail thinning , hair loss . This product has sensitization. This product may cause a release of chlorine poisoning .

Environmental Hazards : no significant pollution.

Explosion hazard: The product is flammable , corrosive , can cause the body burns , with sensitization.

First aid measures

Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing, rinse with plenty of water .

Eye contact: Did eyelid, mobile water or saline. Doctor.

Inhalation : rapidly from the scene to fresh air. Keep the airway patency. If breathing is difficult , give oxygen. If not breathing , give artificial respiration immediately. Doctor.

Ingestion : drink plenty of water, induce vomiting . Doctor.

Fire-fighting measures

Hazardous combustion products: chloride.

Extinguishing Methods: mist of water, carbon dioxide, sand fire.

Spill response

Emergency treatment: rapid withdrawal from air leakage personnel to a safe area , and isolation and strict restrictions on access . Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-Pressurized respirators to wear anti-acid. Do not direct contact with leakage. Cut off the source of the leak as possible .

A small leak : Absorb with sand , vermiculite or other inert materials.

Large leak: to build a causeway or trenching asylum . Foam coverage, lower vapor disasters. Transfer pump to tankers or exclusive collector, recycling or shipped to the waste disposal sites.

Handling and storage

Handling Precautions: closed operation, full ventilation. The operator must go through specialized training , strict adherence to rules . Proposed operators wear directly respirators ( half-mask ) , wearing chemical protective safety glasses , wearing overalls corrosion , wear rubber gloves. Prevent vapor leakage into the workplace air. Avoid contact with alkalis . Handling of light when light unloading , packaging and containers to prevent damage . Equipped with spill response equipment . Empty containers may be harmful residues .

Storage: Store in a cool , ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Storage temperature should not exceed 30 . Bases should be stored separately and avoid mixing reservoir . Storage areas should be equipped with spill response equipment and materials suitable host .

Exposure controls / personal protection


Occupational Exposure Limits

Chinese MAC (mg/m3): not established

The former Soviet Union MAC (mg/m3): not established

TLVTN: not established

TLVWN: not established

Monitoring Methods:

Engineering controls : closed production process , full ventilation . Provide safety shower and eyewash equipment.

Respiratory protection : high concentration environment, should be worn directly respirators ( half-mask ) .

Eye protection : Wear protective chemical safety glasses.

Physical protection: wear overalls corrosion .

Hand Protection: Wear rubber gloves.

Other protection: work site prohibit smoking, eating and drinking. After work , take a shower . Attention to personal hygiene.


Name: grapefruit King sodium hypochlorite solution ( 10-15 % )

Appearance: pale yellow solution

Packing : 25L / barrel , 200L / barrel , 1T / barrel, tanker

Production date : See package

Product Standard:

Item Index

     Chlorine (CL meter ) ≥ 10.0 11

     The free base ( NaOH) , 0.1 to 1.0

     Iron (Fe ), ≤ 0.005

     Heavy metals ( as Pb ) ≤ 0.001

     Arsenic (As ), ≤ 0.0001


Processing and distribution capacity

Factories located in the southwest by the new Town Development Zone , covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters . With the most advanced production equipment and facilities bleach , have mature production technology innovation , the average daily production capacity of 600 tons , has annual sales of 100,000 tons , the products are sold to domestic and Hong Kong and Macao regions.

Factory equipped with multiple cars tankers, can achieve large quantities and distribution services to facilitate customers ; demand for small quantities , dilute with scores provide equipment :  25L / bottled bleach .


See more about chemical safety instructions




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