DREWSPERSE SWD (Seawater Dispersant)

DREWSPERSE SWD (Seawater Dispersant)

DREWSPERSE SWD (Seawater Dispersant)





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Drewsperse deposit control agents make up a family of products that effectively control scaling and water-borne fouling in open recirculating and closed cooling water systems. 

A variety of anti-precipitating agents are available to address multiple types of scales, including those caused by the precipitation of carbonate, phosphate and sulfate. Additionally, a variety of anti-foulant

and dispersant products are available to address problematic foulants such as suspended solids, oil, grease, iron and biological matter. 

Ashland will recommend the most appropriate Drewsperse product based on a number of factors, including the type of cooling water system, the problem at hand and the water chemistry.

DREWSPERSE   SWD   seawater   dispersant   is   a   highly   ef- fective dispersant for keeping seawater cooling system free from marine fouling. Keeping seawater cooling systems free from microbiological (bacteria and fungi) or macrobiological (mussels, plants, etc.) growth is essential for maintaining the cooling capacity of  today's high eficiency systems. When used   on   a   regular   basis,   DREWSPERSE   SWD   seawater dispersant   prevents   fouling   by   dispersing   sea   growth   and preventing it from adhering to marine heat transfer equipment. DREWSPERSE           SWD     dispersant   does   not  contain   any phenolics,   chlorinated   solvents   or   other   harsh   chemicals.

Application and Use


It   is   recommended   that   the   seawater   cooling   system   be cleaned prior to beginning a prevention program featuring DREWSPERSE SWD dispersant. The reason for cleaning   is that if  the cooling system is already fouled, the product will disperse new growth present but not existing growths. Therefore,   to   achieve   the   desired   heat   transfer   condition, we    recommend      that   all  existing  growth   be   removed.


DREWSPERSE SWD dispersant may be dosed via a gravity

head tank and lowmeter, an eductor dosing unit, or a suitable 

pump and tank system to a sea chest at the recommended

concentration rate of  6 ppm for a period of  one hour. To

achieve   6   ppm,   dose   0.6   liters   of  DREWSPERSE   SWD

dispersant per 100 tons of  water low. Dosage should be for 

one hour. The best point for injection of  the dilute solution

of  the product is immediately after the external sea chest strainer. This provides total dispersion and mixing with the seawater. The mixed solution thus will contact all parts of  the seawater cooling system. For vessels which operate continu- ously in coastal waters, we     recommend dosing every three days. For all ocean-going vessels, we recommend dosing every two days while in coastal waters and at a minimum dose of once a week when not.

DREWSPERSE   SWD   dispersant   should   not   be   fed   to   a system while the seawater is being drawn as makeup for an evaporator or water maker. Either isolate the evaporator or shut it down while DREWSPERSE SWD dispersant is being dosed and for at least 30 minutes afterward.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance:                            Clear, water-white liquid

Speciic Gravity @25° C:                0.989

Flash Point (PMCC):                    None

pH:                                    7.0 - 8.5

NOTE: Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when using this product.

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